The Team

Andy Doulton

Long-standing Club Captain, cardigan wearing public schoolboy of Mediterranean origin.  An astute captain and batsman who, if no quick singles are required, can easily chase down a target. Andrew can vary his bowling style and take wickets for fun although the main objective is to humiliate his keeper. A genial after match host ensuring both teams are well looked after. Longs for the day when he can retire and offer gin-fuelled advice from the pavilion and the club finally agrees to his annual request for a blue blazer.

Gary Pinnock

Fixtures Secretary, wicketkeeper, low order batsman, Gary is the engine room of the club behind the scenes and tries hard on the field of play with varying degrees of success. Approaching his 50th birthday, his athleticism behind the sticks cannot be faulted and although the shortest member of the side, his enthusiasm for the Club, for the sport and for after play refreshments knows no bounds. He still has many years left playing the great game and time to further fine tune his skillset. Carry on.

Keith Fernley

A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, within a beard, under a hat. The most feared bowler in the Raven's attack, his deliveries are unpredictable, beguiling and often unplayable, especially his trademark floater that leaves many opponents playing several shots before the ball arrives. Keith is also an accomplished batsman, batting anywhere from one to twelve. A real crowd favourite, he is the epitome of the Spirit of the Ravens: competitive, gracious, gregarious and unexpectedly effective. Unleash!!!

Matt Boydell

Matt Boydell is the epitome of sporting prowess for the Branscombe Ravens; focused, dedicated, committed, lithe, agile are all words that could be used to describe Matt... but not often. When Matt is not playing cricket, he can often be seen fishing for flies on the field or supporting one of many fine hostelries around the area. A long-serving member of the team, Matt owes his steady, calm and relaxed demeanour to regular fermented apple juice and personal sponsorship by a local thatcher.

Darren Copp

Pace, precision and no shortage of guile are the perfect combination. Unlike the postal service Darren always delivers! Don't be fooled by the smiling face and relaxed nature, he's as competitive as they come. No mug with the bat and has turned fine leg fielding and life guarding into an art form to "save" many a ball from a watery grave.

Damian Darragh

Although the long journey from home often limits his appearances, when he does play his speed, tenacity and his wife's baking abilities make him an invaluable member of the team. Like lightening between the wickets, he is more likely to run fours than hit them, and his desperate dives are reminiscent of Suarez at his best. A reliable bowler, he has never produced a spell worse than his shirt, although the batsmen can often be seen visibly shaking as he runs in to the roars of his teammates. Grrrrrrr!

Rick Dormor

The gentleman farmer. Rick is a kind hearted fellow who exudes confidence on and
off the field. It has been said that he is the bravest player, as he is the only member to have his wife on the team. Rick is always sure of his ability, quietly getting on with the job. A very accomplished all rounder, Rick excels at
fielding, and has a very safe pair of hands. When it comes to batting Rick can most certainly hold his own, knocking up countless runs effortlessly. Rick is a real team player, always encouraging others. A thoroughly decent chap.

Becky Dormor

Becky is the only female player in our team. Coming over the hill from a little piece of heaven, fondly known by some as East Branscombe.  She is an accomplished bowler and two time winner of the golden duck award. Probably the most competitive player in our team and is never one to back away from a lively debate with the opposition. A connoisseur of the fermented Apple Becky not only holds her own on the pitch but also in the clubhouse afterwards. Also partial to starting a good old singalong.

Dan Fowler

  Dan is one of those unexpected all-rounders. Where he lacks in finesse he more than makes up for with his massive willow, in fact it is a wonder he can lift it at all. But bowlers beware when he and his tree trunk are in full swing he will reach all parts of the playing area.
Dan is also no mug with the ball either. His dibblie dobblies are surprisingly effective and are often amongst the wickets. He is seldom out of the action, he is either in the runs, wickets or swooping through the field to take a glorious catch. Dan is our talented opener propping up the batting and the bar afterwards.

Bill Lewens

Bill, always one of the top Branscombe players, with bat, ball and in the field... In fact he never looks happier than when he's got a bit of wood in his hands and balls bouncing around his head. Bill's played for clubs at various levels and before the knee went was an excellent keeper,  a skill still occasionally utilised when Branscombe's
vertically challenged first choice keeper finds himself on a bouncy wicket. Whenever on the field he leads from the front and then quietly drops to 12 th man at the bar.... An all round good egg.

Dave Miller

When he takes to the field, David Millar is a commanding presence for the Ravens who epitomises many of our core values, having a keen sense of humour (aimed largely at our own players from dodgy wicket keeper on), being a connoisseur of fermented crushed apple juice and having limited appetite for movement when in the field. A strong and experienced player, he has unfortunately in recent seasons been a close rival to sick note Rodgers with injuries as plentiful as the stories as to how they were acquired. A description of Dave would not be complete without noting that he has been responsible for some of the finest boundaries seen in East Devon. He can erect your fencing too, contact DJ Millar Fencing on Tel: (01297) 680241.

Ollie Pinnock

The youngest member of the team and it shows. With an abundance of pace in the field and whilst bowling as well as a good eye whilst batting.
These natural abilities are only compounded by the fact that he has had actual coaching unlike the majority of the rest of the team. Regularly retiring and getting wickets having made him a dangerous man for the Ravens.

If only Seaton firsts would stop stealing him.

Brendan Rodgers

Brendon sick note Rodgers is our poster boy when he is not at the doctors waiting to repair his knee or other body parts. He keeps himself in good shape and is often dressed sharp. Skip will know who to approach if his cardigan goes missing. Batsmen beware, when Brendon has his ball in hand, no one can tell which way he will swing it and even Brendon himself is never quite sure. While batting is an area where Brendon has produced valuable runs for the team and his hook has been a productive shot for him, it is his fielding where Brendon excels. His enthusiasm and athleticism in the field is an inspiration to the rest of us. We shall all enjoy watching Brendon fielding the balls that the rest of us can only dream of reaching.

Graeme Shorthouse

Big hitting batsman from Birmingham with an unhealthy obsession for pork pies.

This generous gentle giant is always happy to get his wallet out after the game and is the architect of our new website.

Graeme's love of relegated Aston Villa is likely to be the basis of much ribbing this season .

Nick Smith

Enthusiasm, a permanent grin and a seemingly endless supply of samosas ensure
Nic will always have a berth in the side. Without doubt the fittest member of the side, his ability to endure 20 overs in the field without significant input from the NHS is an attribute that his team mates can only marvel at. Nic is the only member of the side known to have run a three on purpose. His batting partner
managed a single in the same time. Sadly Nics enthusiasm for the game does not
extend to reading or understanding the LBW law. 

Will Mudd


A new and welcome addition to the 2017 Raven's squad. You may not make the link between sporting prowess and Will Mudd, or his other Raven's teammates, however his classical batting style puts many a cricketer to shame. A reliable opener who has played at a decent level, (nothing lasts forever), and who scores runs for fun. Rick might have to up his game to ward Will off his most runs scored trophy. On his day a wiley bowler with a plethora of mysterious deliveries, many of which pitch or land on the track. Moreover, (often what batsman cry as Will's spell comes to an end), he's a man who is well liked among his peers and blends seamlessly with the Branscombe vibe. I am sure he will keep performing for the Ravens for years to come. 

Sam Smith

As a student, Sam's playing opportunities are limited by the early 6 p.m. start time, although on the rare occasions he is out of bed by then, he is a valuable team member. An outstanding fast bowler, he is not afraid of the occasional bouncer, although he has yet to understand this is not always advisable when you have a hobbit for a wicketkeeper. As he has matured, his batting style has become less flamboyant and he protects his wicket very well. In fact he is now as likely to be seen walking off the square as he is walking towards the bar. In the field he has a strong arm, although his hands appear to have holes in them, particularly when fielding on the boundary.

Alex Willcocks

A genuine Raven's all-rounder, Alex is happy to open the batting and is such a team player he often gives the next man in a chance long before the retirement target has been reached. He bowls with such accuracy that he hits the middle of any player's bat with ease. Hopefully the long awaited sunshine will melt the teflon coating, so the holes in his hands can heal and normal catching can resume.

Bobby Dormor

Young Bob is a serious talent, indeed he has already hit an unbeaten double century in league cricket . A novel approach to 'playing himself in' generally involves a first ball six down the ground which endangers those beyond the long on boundary. A safe pair of hands in the field, and a bustling medium pacer - one can wonder how good he'd be if he actually practiced!!
Only 20 years old - means there is still plenty of time to develop a beer belly, beard and start bowling pies to join the ranks of the more fully fledged ravens.